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Inaugural Conclave

10-12 March 2022
Goa, India


Inaugural Co-hosts


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Green Venue

Our selected venue is not just green, but also sustainable. The resort is located in pristine island of Divar (10 kms from the capital of Goa, Panaji. The meeting space meets all the requirements of a sustainable spot, with mud tiles on the roof and airy island breeze all around, with natural air-conditioning. Leaders will have the opportunity to disconnect from the real world, and discuss the future of our irreplaceable planet.

The first conclave of PACT2030 will be held in Goa. As the secretariat of this unique initiative, QS I-GAUGE is committed to making this event as closer to the theme as possible. The venue of this event; Mercure Goa Devaaya Retreat, has been given careful consideration both in terms of location and its offering towards sustainable practices. Mercure Goa Devaaya Retreat is a nature friendly resort located on the pristine island of Divar (just 10 kms. away from the capital city Panaji).


Divar is a picturesque island far away from the crowd, surrounded by the mystic River Mandovi, green fields with abundance of fishing activities happening in the river and its tributaries. Divar Island village is unlike other villages in India. It is spotlessly clean, dotted with superb Portuguese Era memories, peaceful atmosphere that is very rare to find.


Devaaya is a retreat resort for both wellness and leisure with lush gardens, fruit trees and other facilities such as – jogging tracks, village walks, cycling, boat rides, swimming, large pavilion for yoga sessions and authentic wellness facilities.


In this unique and nature friendly resort, we look forward to the leadership of academia joining hands and committing to preserve the innate qualities of nature and sustainable development initiatives for a better future.

Carbon Neutral Event

We will be offsetting our conclave carbon footprint (including the flights of our delegates) by supporting climate protection projects in Asia/India through the Gold Standard. The project identified is a 20 MW Biomass Power Project in Chhattisgarh, India that generates electricity using rice husks from local communities. By using a renewable fuel, this project reduces local waste whilst reducing emissions by replacing fossil fuel intensive based power generation. PACT2030 Goa Conclave is glad to offset all our footprint in this project.

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