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The Story

PACT2030 which stands for Pledge, Act, Change, Transform – 2030; is a social enterprise which has been constituted to empower academic institutions to think beyond their boundaries and care for the world. Institutions have started to commit towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on an ongoing basis, but we know that the power of togetherness is much mightier. As the name suggests, PACT2030 has a long-term vision and is a scalable model on global platforms.


PACT2030 brings together like-minded leaders, founders/heads, and chancellors of academic institutions, policy makers and the government to engage all the intelligent forces for creating a better world.


As Mahatma Gandhiji said "In a gentle way, you can shake the world", so PACT2030 is the culmination of several discussions between United Kingdom founded QS I-GAUGE agency in India and academic institutions. PACT2030 was established as a formal initiative in November 2021. QS I-GAUGE is the first secretariat for this initiative with the support of several partners.


PACT2030 will champion change, not just by bringing leaders together; but by ensuring that they commit to the long-term vision of change for a better world.

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