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 Download the PACT2030 Goa Declaration here 

SDG Handbook for Indian Higher Education



The United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is one of the most ambitious and vital global agreements in recent history. Educational institutions have a leading role in helping society to achieve the Global Sustainable Development Goals through leadership, research, teaching and learning, campus operations, and community service. As living laboratories of transformation and innovation, the academic engagement, leadership, commitment, partnerships, and exemplar models are crucial to empower the next generations, advance SDGs' progress, and foster a resilient and equitable future. Come, let us be the change!

SDG Handbook for Indian Higher Education




Translate the global sustainable development agreements to institutional commitments embedded into its vision, goals, and strategies; and to Benchmark sustainable practices and initiatives, reiterate institution’s responsibility as environmentally sensitive.


Develop consortium of institutions for sustainable initiatives, foster goal-specific active partnerships, and strengthen the network of student and faculty community to facilitate key engagements. As well as Advocate for the education sector's role and further the footprint of academia in the well being of global society by providing mentoring and networking opportunities for mutual learning.


Enable partnerships to access new funding streams, address the dynamic needs of businesses, and communities through one-window platform; and provide governance and direction to funded initiatives and act as a governing body for the consortia.


PACT2030 which stands for Pledge, Act, Change, Transform – 2030; is a social enterprise which has been constituted to empower academic institutions to think beyond their boundaries and care for the world. Institutions have started to commit towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on an ongoing basis, but we know that the power of togetherness is much mightier. As the name suggests, PACT2030 has a long-term vision and is a scalable model on global platforms.

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